Inspiring Art For Dance

Beautiful craftsmanship has inspired man throughout history. People have discovered new ways to improve the quality and durability of products for people to enjoy and appreciate. In addition, artists have presented new styles and perspectives to their craft.

Two contemporary artists who expressed perspectives that many people admire are Jack Vettriano and Fabian Perez. Jack Vettriano has painted more of the ballroom dances in his dance artwork while Fabian Perez produces Flamenco and Argentine Tango paintings and sculptures. They have beauty and glamour in their work.

In the Dancesport ballroom world, the people take a lot of time and resources to make everything perfect in the appearance to look the character of their roles. I am not talking about only the general hygiene and grooming. Time is taken to work on the hair and the application of makeup. Not only the makeup to the face, some will use foundation or spray tan for the entire body. Like the movies and other performing arts, makeup is used to project the image needed for the characters in the stories.

There are other factors judges look for when grading a couple. Of course, they analyze the quality of the dancing (i.e. footwork, timing, and carrying your frame). In addition, they judge the expression and energy shown on the dance floor. I don’t think one would place well in a competition if someone was upset about a previous dance or nervous. Every dance is a new beginning; having a thought that keeps the focus on the current dance and lowers the tightness of the body will make things better in the performance.

As leaders, men have to think a few measures ahead of time as well as look at the traffic. If they do not, the dancing will lose a clear direction and flow of movement. Therefore, the dancing will be choppy and may lose body contact needed as a guide for the lady to sense what direction to take.

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