Smooth Class 1/16/2016: Tango Week 1

***Please Note…Due to family illness last week, this was our first week of the tango. Because tango is a unique dance in the repertoire, I want to make sure everyone has 4 weeks to work through it. Therefore, we will go an extra week (March 8th) and do our special class on Friday only that week.

1) Exercises:
-Spine lift and shift (weight over different parts of feet)
-Tango walks with “staccato” action: foot stops in between, DOES NOT brush like

2) Choreography:
Leaders start facing diagonal wall against line of dance, followers start backing diagonal wall against line of dance…
-Basic with slight curve, Promenade turning left to Throwout, Underarm fan, basic with strong curve, promenade turning left (leaders end diagonal center), (open) reverse turn with outside swivel.

This is a rather intricate routine. Give special attention to positions and body timings in order to dance it comfortably with a partner.


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