Rhythm Class 2/12/2016: Rumba Week 1

1) Exercises:
-Recap “merengue” action (cuban motion)
-“smooth out” the merengue action, since there is ore tie in rumba
-cucarachas: action comes from knees, then hips
-add arms by elbows opposing hips

2) Choreograhy:
Box into cross-body lead (hand turns down and out); spiral action ending open to leaders right/follower’s left, then chasse; 4 circular walks (s,q,q,s) swiveling to face leader; 3 walks straight forward to closed position; quick underarm turn to right, then left; walkaround turn to left, then right; leader’s underarm turn to right, follower’s underarm turn to right; 5th position break; box.

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