Bachata Class (off week) Class 1


Thank you for your patience with me getting the class notes out as we have lately been experiencing technical difficulties with the website.

First, a few notes:

1) We are pleased to announce that rehearsals for our FIRST EVER Team ITM Formation team will begin next Wednesday in preparation for the upcoming Disney Showcase on May 14th. If you are interested but not already signed up, please contact Adam Immediately.

2) On account of the production “The Colored Section” taking place this Friday and Saturday at 7pm at the Columbus Performing Arts Center, Friday’s Class will be moved to 5:45 from 6:00. Tickets to the performance can be purchased at ITM and the performance features a guest appearance by Oyo Dance Company.

3) In preparation for all of the Cinco de Mayo parties coming up, we have decided to do Bachata for our “off week” dance. If you missed tonight’s class, there will be a review of the material on Friday at 5:45 before adding some new “fun steps.

With that being said, here are class notes:

First, a brief review of the West Coast Swing and Mambo Patterns fro the last series:

West Coast:
Sugar Push, Underarm pass, left side pass, underarm to right side pass, sugar push, whip (ending in 2 hand hold), tuck in turn, underarm pass, tuck in from right side pass

Basic, cross body (overturned) to cross over swivels (x2), crossover break with walkaround turn, cross body inside turn, alternating underarm turns to right.

Now, for tonight’s Bachata Combination:

stationary basic (4 measures), side basic (4 measures), fwd and back basic (4m), side basic (2m), cross basic (4m), jockey step (4m), side basics with inside turns (4m), hammerlock (2m), free turns (2m), jockey step (2m).

See you all Friday at 5:45!!

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