• 2016 Team ITM Year End Survey. Your Opinion Counts!

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  • Team ITM Class Syllabus

    Team ITM classes meet every Tuesday and Friday at 6pm. Tuesday classes are in the American Smooth style (plus West Coast Swing and Bolero) and Friday Classes are in the American Rhythm style. One dance is covered in each class for four weeks, then 1 week of something unrelated in order to “Cleanse the palette,” so to speak. Classes are designed to develop both technical and artistic abilities, working on exercises specific to the dance being studied, and keeping consistent choreography throughout the four weeks. The 2016 Syllabus is posted Below.

    For pricing and further information, including our pricing, Please call Inspiration to Movement at 614-253-6683 (MOVE).

    Team ITM Syllabus

    January 4th – Smooth : Waltz
    January 29th Rhythm: Merengue

    Feburary 2nd & 5th – Special: Line Dance

    February 8th – Smooth: Tango
    March 4th Rhythm: Rumba

    March 7th & 11th – Special (St. Patrick’s Day theme)

    March 15th – Smooth: West Coast
    April 8th Rhythm: Mambo

    April 11th &15th: Bachata

    April 19th – Smooth: Fox Trot
    May 13th Rhythm: Cha Cha

    May 17th & 20th – Argentine Tango (Special Guest Teacher from Argentina)

    May 24th – Smooth: Viennese Waltz
    June 17th Rhythm: East Coast Swing

    June 21st & 24th: Hustle

    June 28th – Smooth: Bolero
    July 22nd Rhythm: Samba

    July 26th – 28th: Salsa on 2 (New York Style)

    August 2nd – Smooth: Waltz
    August 26th Rhythm: Merengue

    August 30th & September 2nd: Peabody

    September 6th – Smooth: Tango
    September 30th Rhythm: Rumba

    October 4th & 7th – Polka (Oktoberfest)

    October 11th – Smooth: Foxtrot
    November 4th Rhythm: Cha Cha

    November 7th & 11th – Country/Western

    November 15th – Smooth: Viennese Waltz
    December 9th Rhythm: East Coast Swing

    December 13th & 16th – Special: Vienna – Style Formation

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  • Welcome to Team ITM!

    Brand New for 2016, Team ITM is a Ballroom Program like no other! Designed to build camaraderie and teamwork while building strong technical and performance skills, this program is for both Competitive and Social Dancers who want to excel in their dancing.

    Current Team ITM members, check out the Team ITM blog for up-to-date notes from classes for your review each week!

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