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    My wife Diane and I started taking Dance lessons so we would be able to dance on an Ocean Crossing aboard The Queen Mary. Eight years later we are still seeing Rachel and Adam. It has become a part of our life, and if we are having a little disagreement before dance class, it is always over when class is over. So it’s good for our marriage.It is always fun, sometimes embarrassing, Diane says I move my lips more then my hips, and it really is a good exercise. We love it. We hope to meet you there sometime.
    -Andy & Diane Dunn
    I met Rachel while I was taking dance lessons from Adam.  Adam was a great teacher and I even got the courage to compete. We did very well in competition until I hurt my knee which required surgery. I do hope to dance with Adam in the future. I also suffer from degenerative discs and Rachel convinced me to give Pilates a try. That was one of the best decisions that I ever made. She makes me work but the results have done what physical therapy and pain killers could not do for me. My back is much stronger and my pain is minimal. These two people have certainly made a positive impact on my life.
    -Fran Sherowski
    I was introduced to Inspiration to Movement by my daughter who had been taking pilates and ballroom dancing lessons there. My daughter was concerned because I had hurt my knee and even after normal rehab, I was favoring it and walking tentatively everywhere I went. I have to admit that starting private pilates lessons with Rachel was very much out of my comfort zone. Rachel spent time getting to know me and my different issues with my knees, feet and wrists.Over a year later, I am still traveling an hour and twenty minutes once a week to take my private pilates lessons with Rachel. I stand taller, walk stronger and feel more confident than I thought possible. Rachel is a compassionate yet tough instructor who has guided me in understanding my body and helping me overcome mental fears and patterns that are negative to my body. I have recently added a pilates class to my week as well that has added another layer to my work outs. I must say that it would have been easier never to live outside my comfort zone, but it has been well worth it!
    -Ruth Anne Deppen
    I was introduced to Pilates at ITM a year and a half ago. Rachel invited me to participate in a beginners’ class that was specially tailored to post partum recovery. My journey since then has, in many ways reflected the three stages of labor. First excitement, I had the opportunity to repair and restore my body after the birth of my three beautiful children. Second, extreme discouragement as I faced the hard realization that my restoration would be a marathon, not a sprint; my body way tired, I lost faith and seriously doubted that I was up to the challenge. Rachel tirelessly worked with me during this stage. She treated every resistance as a mere distraction; she absolutely refused to let me give up on myself.It was during this time that I realized I was under the instruction of a brilliant and gifted teacher of the highest caliber. Rachel deftly refocused my mind until I had light at the end of the tunnel. I have now happily transitioned again, my life has changed, and I apply the work I learn in class to transform my body on a daily basis. I breathe easier, my mind and body are more deeply connected, my spine is stronger and straighter as I work to grow taller. My diastisis recti is closing, my shoulders are coming back to their correct position, my hands and feet are awakening from a long hibernation and all my joints are getting stronger and more flexible.Rachel, I consider it a privilege to receive your great wisdom, thank you for helping me aspire to excellence. Thank you Adam for looking after my kiddos every week so that I may enjoy class more freely! ITM is certainly aptly named; you guys are the embodiment of inspiration.With all my thanks and respect,
    Julie Kessler

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