Massage Therapy

The massage therapy and bodywork offered at ITM promotes healing in both mind and body.  From Medical Massage therapy to Therapeutic Touch, our clients are restored to health physically, mentally and spiritually, and are able to live life free of pain, stress, and discomfort.  Highlights of ITM’s massage program include:

  • Therapeutic/Swedish Massage: Most commonly the goal is relaxation and stress reduction
  • Sports Massage: Pre-event, Post-event, Restorative, and Rehabilitative
  • Corrective/Deep Tissue Massage: The aim is to release tension, ease pain, and to help rehab injured tissue
  • Medical Massage: Specialized work to fix a specific problem or injury; Techniques that may be employed are myofacial release, positional release technique, deep tissue massage, postural evaluation, and gait analysis.
  • Therapeutic Touch: This is a form of energy work that provides a sense of deep relaxation, ease of being, ability to cope with stresses of life, and creates balance and order. Therapeutic Touch can also decrease physical and emotional disorder, pain, and anxiety.

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