Music Editing

With over 20 years of experience as a Musician, over 14 years of experience as a Professional Ballroom Dancer, and a BME, our Chief Music Editor, Adam Maynard, will create the perfect piece of music for your next performance.  ITM Music Editing Features:
  • Seamless Cuts and Medleys (Single or Multi-Track)
  • Performance Quality Tags
  • Perfect Fades for that Special Touch
  • Voice-Overs
  • Showcase Compilation (Entire Show on CD or Flash Drive.  Just push Play and Dance!)
  • Fast Production Time
  • Your perfect piece can be created in as little as one hour* showcasing YOUR Beautiful Dancing!!!
*More complicated sessions require more time


Our Process: “Click, Proof, Play!” 
1) Click:   Contact us using the button below or by phone at +1-614-253-6683
  • For a Free Estimate, Simply include your name, email address, and a basic idea of your project. Our base rate is $40 and includes the first hour of editing, along with an electronic copy of your music and CD with sleeve or Jewel case. Many solo pieces and simple medleys can be completed within an hour. Additional time will be billed at $40/hour. Turnaround time is usually 3-5 days. A 24-hour “Rush” service is offered, subject to availability. Special Package Pricing and Showcase Rates are available as well, and will be reflected in your quote, when appropriate.
  • When you are ready to get started, simply click the button at the bottom of the page or call the number above. Be sure to include specific directions and/or check the “Phone Consultation Requested” box and we will contact you at our earliest availability. Also be sure to attach the tracks you would like to have edited or check the box for us to purchase the tracks for you (currently $0.99-$1.99). A $20 deposit will be required to start the process***                       
                    ***note: Thank you for your patience as our “payment” button is currently under construction.  Until this button is up and running, no deposit will be required to start the process.  Please note that upon your approval of your piece, we must receive payment in full before a final copy of your music will be created.  Payment may be made by check, Chase Quickpay, or billpay to “ITM.”
2) Proof:  Your Proof will arrive via email.  This will be a “rough” version with a “watermark” (think of ordering photographs).  Call or reply to the email with any changes you wish, or simply reply with “approve” when the piece is exactly as you like.
3) Play!  Upon your approval and receipt of final payment, we will create a High-Fi version of your piece.  An electronic copy will be sent to the email you pro, and a CD copy will be created, upon request, at no extra charge (pickup only).  Flash Drives and additional CD’s may be purchased for an additional charge, and shipping is available at current market rates.
“How much is music editing?”
 -Our base rate is $40,which includes the first hour of editing, an electronic copy of your music (via email), and a CD with jewel case or sleeve.  Additional time is billed at $40/hour.  A USB flash drive and additional CD’s are available, currently at $10 and $5 each, respectively.  Shipping is available at current market rates.  Special Package Pricing and Showcase Rates are available as well to save you money, and will be reflected in your quote, when appropriate.
“How Quickly will I receive my music?”  
 -Current turnaround time is 3-5 days for most pieces.  More time may be required for multiple pieces, more complex projects, or several change requests.  A 24-hour rush service may be requested (subject to availability and approval) for an additional fee.
“In what Formats will I receive my music?”
-“Proofs” will be sent via email in mp3 format.  Final versions will be sent in high-quality mp3 format unless otherwise specified.  WAV files, AAC, M-Peg 4 (suitable for iTunes) and other formats are available upon request at no additional charge.  Final versions will be sent electronically and/or written to a CD.  USB Flash drives and additional CD’s are available for an additional fee.
“What about Pricing for Large Productions, Competition Teams, and Showcases?”
-Special Rates are available when multiple pieces are being edited and/or we are compiling an entire show, which are designed to save you money on production costs.  Please indicate such requests when asking for a quote.
“Does ITM offer other Music Editing Services, besides Dance Tracks?”
-Yes!  In addition to creating custom dance tracks, ITM offers such services as Analog/digital conversion (from video or audio cassette or LP), voice-overs, and many “outside-of-the-box” custom projects.  Please note that we are not a recording studio and will be up front when we do not believe our services are a good fit for a specific project.  Being well-networked in the community, we are happy to provide well-qualified referrals in such circumstances.