What is Pilates?
Pilates is a form of exercise and movement repatterning created during World War I by Joseph and Clara Pilates.  Named “Contrology” by its creator, Pilates created a Method to work with all body types, abilities and disabilities. The Pilates Method focuses on strength, flexibility, balance and the mind / body connection.
After Joe’s death in 1967, his wife Clara continued to teach Pilates to people including Ron Fletcher.  After her death in 1977, the students of Joe and Clara such as Eve Gentry, Kathy Grant and Ron Fletcher continued to evolve the Method based on its original principles: Breath, Control, Concentration, Centering, Precision, and Flowing Movement.
Pilates focuses on working the smaller muscles and not just the larger, more superficial muscles to create a uniformly developed, lean body.  There are different lineages of Pilates’ work, one of which is Fletcher Pilates®.  ITM specializes in Fletcher Pilates®.  ITM is also a Facilitator for the Fletcher Pilates Program of Study, teachers program.
Fletcher Pilates class
What will Pilates help me with?
~ Getting into shape ~ Rehabilitation of sprains/strains ~ Sports performance enhancement
~ Scoliosis ~ Arthritic pain relief ~ Muscle balance, strength, and flexibility ~ Body awareness
~ Relief from chronic pain ~ Regaining and keeping full range of motion
~ Improving bone density ~ Decompression of spine ~ Improved lung capacity
Pilates is very helpful in all stages of pregnancy, but is not recommended to be started AFTER becoming pregnant.
Doctor approval is required.
Fletcher Pilates class
Types of Pilates Sessions
~Private Lessons (one-on-one with teacher)
~Semi – Private Lessons (2 people with teacher)(must be approved to work with another person. If you have injuries or ailments you will first need to do private lessons before you could come with another person or take a class)
Private lesson on Cadillac
Types of Pilates Classes

Classes are held for a minimum of 4 people with a maximum of 12 for intermediate and advanced classes and 10 for beginner classes.

~ Mat Classes
~ Towel and Floor Classes
~ Spine Corrector Classes
~ Magic Circle and Barre Classes
~ Fletcher Fusion Classes